Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's a Flock

Our daily turkey visitor surprised us today. Instead of just wandering around and pooping in the birdbath she brought her 9 chicks for a visit. Very tiny and surely just hatched. There is obviously a tom turkey somewhere around! I'm working on getting pictures so just bear with me. It was rather interesting to watch her chase squirrels and chipmunks away as to give her brood space. I find it rather amazing that with all the coyotes, hawks, owls and who knows what else that a lone hen turkey can brood 9 chicks and then have the brass to take them on a walkabout. This is in the middle of town no less. I have been throwing a bit of chicken scratch out in the morning for the turkey and I guess I had better buy another bag tomorrow at Tractor Supply. She has most obviously not read the latest Draconian statutes about backyard poultry enacted by the city.

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