Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What About the Other Gulf Oil Platforms?

Is it just me or have I missed the discussion? No one seems to be talking about the other oil platforms extant in the Gulf of Mexico and whether some immediate program to insure they are properly prepared and protected from a blowout like the most recent one. As of 2006 there were 3,858 oil rigs in the Gulf. Are any of them equipped as the ones in Noway with the ability to remotely shut them off if necessary? Are they all equipped with the proven ineffective 'blow out preventers'? Shouldn't we be talking about an emergency program to do just that? I know everyone's focus is on cutting the flow from the Deepwater Horizon but it seems like the powers that be ought to be looking forward a bit more. Yes, they are talking about splitting up the MMS now but that is a little like the proverbial 'shutting the barn door' thing. It just seems like everyone is behaving like this is some giant 'one off' and could never happen again. Just saying.

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