Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Keeping a Finger In

Not much to talk about that is not already being covered pretty completely. Glad to see the Prez is appointing a special commission on the oil spill and off shore drilling. Seems like a good idea.

Bad news from Florida as tar balls are showing up in the Keys. Might not be associated with the big spill but it's likely that the deep water oil has entered the loop which is really bad news.

Some important elections around today especially in Arkansas and Pennsylvania. Anti incumbent backlash looks to play a role. If the people of Arkansas are smart they will give Blanche Lincoln her walking papers. She has been misrepresenting the people there for years.

Surprise, surprise I am off to the garden. Weeds wait for no man! All the rain in the last few days has awakened them in the worst way. Another nice dinner of peas, lettuce and broccoli from the garden last night and probably a good chance peas will be with us again tonight....a good thing I love them. I'll even 'graze' on  a few while I toil this afternoon. Whoever discovered the 'mange tout' or Sugar Snap pea did a good thing.

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