Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Domestic Day

I'm being domestic today as it is still way to hot to be in the garden. I've got a sourdough starter cooking for a batch of bread that I will put together tonight and let it slowly rise overnight for baking tomorrow. It's old people's day at Kroger so Madam and I did our weekly shopping...whole chickens were on offer at $.49 per pound so I bought a few and a big 16 quart pot of chicken stock is brewing on the stove. Homemade stock is better than the boxed stuff especially when you can make 12 or 14 quarts for $4. All the rest of the ingredients are from the garden...carrots, parsley, thyme, onions, garlic with some store bought organic celery. I don't buy these battery chickens as a rule but for stock they work.

Just got my new Build Your On Earth Oven by Kiko Denzer from Amazon and am now trying to figure out where I will construct it once it cools off a little bit. Should be able to build a nice oven for no more than $100 since the subsoil around here is nothing but fine clay. I'll have to buy some fire brick  for the hearth but that should be the only expense as all the rest is mud mixed with sand(which will be the other expense). Should be a fun little project. I think I know where I can scrounge some rock for the base. I'll keep you posted on this little project. I have been watching Jamie Oliver on the new Food Channel using his cob oven and am sick with envy. I am resolved to have my own if for nothing else but pizza and bread.

A couple of wildlife pics to make the post interesting. Mama deer is a regular visitor for a drink from the bird bath and today Madam noticed the youngster lying low along the path to the garden. And yes she is the one eating the okra and sweet potatoes. What are you going to do other than plant enough to share?

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