Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Must Be Crazy

Since I have been thwarted by rain the last couple of evenings and it is too wet to finalize the foundation for my birthday present I decided today would be a good day to hook up the trailer and go to Lowe's and get the rest of the material. I got a $25 off coupon on a purchase of $250 so Lowe's was the place and I had already compared prices with Home Depot. In case you are wondering...they are the same to the penny on most things.

The shopping list: 4 ea. treated 4"x6"x12' beams, 5ea. .5 cubic ft bags of paver sand, 32 12"x8"x7" wall block, and last but not least, 35ea. .5 cubic ft. bags of pea gravel. I wasn't really thinking and it was not until I saw my poor little utility trailer loaded and groaning under the weight that I realized I should have made two trips. When I got home and got it unloaded I decided I had better do what I should have done before I left and see what the weight would be.  1/2 cubit ft. of pea gravel is approximately 50 pounds so I had about a ton of gravel alone. With the wall block and paver sand I probably added another half ton or so. It's no wonder my back hurts! Not to mention it is 90F outside!

Madam and I are dog sitting for Minimonk...just one ... Megan(the best one) and she kept staring at me as I schlepped bags of gravel back and forth like I was crazy. She, of course, was sitting in the shade while I worked.

Unless it rains again this evening I should be able to get the leveling and retaining wall built tomorrow morning and maybe even get the wooden beams installed for the foundation. I'll have a picture of the progress.

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