Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Already and a 13th to Boot

How's everybody's Friday the 13th going. So far so good on this end. I did brave the heat this morning and do some much needed watering in the garden. Just the peppers, leeks and tomatoes as they were starting to droop. This afternoon it decided to storm and we've now had a nice rain. I can make it rain without fail if I water.

Madam has eggplant parm on the brain so that is what's for dinner. I do mine really simply. Just a quick sauce of fresh tomato, onion and garlic over olive oiled and grilled eggplant with a nice sprinkle of Reggiano. Bake until the cheese is golden at 350F and you are there. The only real time is peeling and seeding the tomatoes. Harvested what are probably the last few Japanese eggplant yesterday so I should use them before they spoil. As I think I have mentioned here, aubergine are not my favorite vegetable but Madam loves them and the sauce and cheese add enough so that I can eat and enjoy them. I make them in individual baking dishes so that I can weight mine with sauce and cheese and Madam's with eggplant.

Everyone have a great weekend and it is supposed to be almost 10 degrees cooler tomorrow than it has been though it is also supposed to be raining. I'll take the cool even if it is wet as I am getting real tired of 95 plus days which has been the norm for well over a month.

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