Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blue Moon

Today is the third full moon in the last quarter which means it is officially a Blue Moon according to the Farmer's Almanac. I'm off today but there is bread to bake, leaves to round up and put in the garden and all kinds of little chores to be done. Working the afternoon/evening shift tomorrow so I have to get all the chores done today. Still haven't set a plan for Thanksgiving. Minimonk is going to drop off a large frozen turkey that was a gift and she doesn't want it. Madam is relenting and allowing it in the house. I guess I will be doing a turkey and there is a good possibility I will smoke it as a plain roasted turkey leaves me kind of cold. However, I do truly love a cornbread dressing which if nothing else will be on the menu for Thursday along with pumpkin pie. I have a nice ten pound pumpkin grown by my friends Carmen and Kelly down the street  that will make a couple of pies with room to spare. Can't let Thanksgiving pass without those two things.

We shall see if the weather cooperates for the turkey smoking. Right now there is a 20% chance of rain Tues, Wed and Thurs which is all the more reason I need to get out and get some leaves rounded up. If I have time I will also hook up the trailer and cruise the neighborhoods for other peoples leaves that they have bagged up and left on the street. I managed about 60 big bags for the garden last year which really helps the soil. Off to the leaves and don't forget to go out and relish the full 'blue' moon tonight.

Oh, and if you are traveling by air over the next few days...enjoy! I just had a friend return from Australia through LAX and his Facebook post wasn't very complimentary of the process. To make matters worse he is a Brit and none to pleased with Yankee sexual assault.

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