Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small Thing

With all the kerfuffle about porno scans and sexual assault in the airports I am really, really glad I am not traveling on a weekly basis anymore. I am not sure I could keep my cool. I am pretty much convinced it is over the top and unnecessary. If you think about it...we were doing the shoes off and pat downs and scanners before 9/11 and it was pretty effective. Granted the system failed on 9/11 but ask yourself out of how many aircraft boardings in the U.S. on a yearly basis and you see that it was a rare occurrence. Note also that the security failure on 9/11 really belongs at the feet of Shrub. He and his crew ignoring the warnings about Al Qaeda and not upping the level of security played a huge part in allowing the event to come down.

My personal take on all this is that it is just another way for the fat cats to make money off the 9/11 tragedy at the expense of us regular Joes. If they can keep us off balance and willing to continue to give up our rights without a fuss they will soon have us where they want us and own us completely. We will be begging them for jobs, no matter how menial and we might even have to beg them for food and shelter before it is all over. If we keep giving up our rights and they continue to take more and more of the economic pie we won't be that far from good old feudalism.

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