Friday, November 26, 2010

Into the Fray

I'm off for a 10 to 7 shift this morning. We'll see what Black Friday has to offer in my new environment. Forecast to be a rainy day so it is a good day to work. Still on the warm side at 54F this morning but it is supposed to drop over the weekend to more normal temperatures for this time of year. Just packed my regulation turkey sandwich and yes it has Miracle Whip on it and it is made with homemade sourdough whole wheat. Luckily I checked the turkey an hour and a half before I calculated it would be done and lo and behold it was done. Could have wound up with the classic Thanksgiving turkey served in most households if I hadn't been so anal.

Everyone enjoy their leftovers and for Goddess's sake try and refrain from making turkey noodle casserole or turkey divan. Surely there most be an intervention hot line somewhere that you can call when you find yourself reaching for the can of Cream of Mushroom soup. I mean really, there is turkey chili, turkey enchiladas, hot turkey sandwiches, cold turkey sandwiches, soup, turkey and dumplings, and on and on.

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