Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Better and Better

Well the guessing is over and as you can see below I was notified by email about a quarter to nine. I was really pulling for Edwards and not just because I feel a southern side to the ticket can’t hurt. The few times I have heard him speak I have been very impressed. I think now he can turn his full attention on the Bush/Cheney disaster to real effect.
Putting Edwards on the ticket tells you something about what Kerry is thinking. Since Edwards is not a foreign policy wonk or a war hero like Clark Kerry sees the situation in Iraq as deteriorating to the point where anyone, regardless of the foreign policy experience will be able to challenge the results. Edwards also brings the other side of the tracks to the campaign. He can talk to the regular guys and gals as one who has been there and risen above it. He talks their language something Kerry can’t do. Edwards also takes class warfare out of the game. Additionally, since Edwards made his money suing big corporations he has the gravitas to take on the corporate connections as well.
It is interesting that the Bush campaign is already calling Edwards the second choice and accusing Kerry of flip-flopping over his choice.
If Rove and company aren’t “afeared” they should be. There will be a major campaign by the Repubs to discredit him as unqualified but it won’t fly.
I am feeling better and better about the elections.
Now if we can just get some sort of paper trail on the voting machines.

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