Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I think something important is beginning to intrude into my understanding. I keep asking myself how so many otherwise reasonably intelligent people continue to support Bush and company and nothing makes sense. That is until the last day or so. I think they are “in denial” if that’s the right term. Never before in anyone’s life or historical understanding has a president been so completely unprepared or other wise incapable of performing the job. Never before has a president displayed such an incredible lack of intellectual curiosity or flexibility. Even if people are aware of the details of policy and budgets and current accounts they are still “struck dumb’ as it were. Here is a president that in spite of numerous warnings from very serious folks stood by and let the greatest terrorist attack in history happen. According to polls some half of the country thinks he is doing a good job in war on terrorism when in fact no one can actually point out anything accomplished.
What it boils down to is that a large mass of the American public flatly refuses to believe the truth—it is just too hard to believe that the most powerful man in the world is a complete putz and utter failure, not only at being president but in everything he has ever done.
I think what brought this realization to a head was the selection of John Edwards as Kerry’s running mate. The immediate RNC spin was that he was too inexperienced to be vice-president which completely ignores that Bush’s pre presidential experience was four years as the Governor of Texas which by most measures is the least powerful governorship in the U.S. To top it all off the only pre governor experience had been at failing at everything including being a disgusting drunk until 40.
That is my guess.

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