Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Going to Get Worse

Here is an excellent article giving a perspective on what we are likely to see this fall with respect to energy and food supplies. It is worth a read. We have only a 19 day supply of oil as a buffer for supply disruptions. Everything in our grocery stores depends on the availability of fuel for trucks. World oil production has fallen every year since 2005. It is only going to get worse.

Seriously, we all need to be looking at how we can weather a disruption in the availability of fuel and the follow-on availability of food and other products we have come to depend on.
Can your family survive two weeks or a month without having access to a grocery store? Do you have enough of the basics like rice, beans, flour, corn meal, dry milk, cooking oil, charcoal, salt and whatever else you might need in the cupboard right now? Do you have a Victory Garden? If not you are at risk. This is deadly serious. You need to really consider your preparedness. Even if you buy some stuff now that you can't use before it spoils you can always donate it to a food bank and write it off.

Remember "Be prepared, it's the Boy Scout marching song."

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