Friday, June 28, 2013

Bits and Pieces

It's been quiet around these parts I know but I have an excuse. Anyhow, this is my last day of R&R before I go back to work tomorrow. Feeling pretty good with just the occasional twinge. Still some ugly bruises here and there but all in all not too bad. Still restricted to lifting no more than 10 pounds so I'll probably stand at the self check out all day even though I am scheduled for the garden center.

While I have actually been a slug as far as activity for the last week I did accomplish a few things besides snuggling with Betty the Beagle and taking nice afternoon naps.

Tried a recipe for Blueberry Corn muffins from Giada that turned out nice. Getting lots of blueberries and freezing most but you have to do something with them fresh. Going to make a BBQ sauce out of some this afternoon and roast some country style pork ribs. Methinks it will be delicious.Throw in some Hasselback potatoes and roasted squash and we're good.

Gotten very little done in the garden this week, needless to say, but between Madam and I we have kept most everything picked. Did find the annual overlooked zucchini monster yesterday so at least that is out of the way. It's pretty small for the overlooked zucchini prize compared to some years but good enough.

Corn is all tasseled out and ears are beginning to form...thank goodness we haven't had anymore violent wind/rain storms since the plants are at full height and hence vulnerability. Just a few more weeks please.  Should be getting serious okra by the first of next week. Picked  very early pods but not enough for a meal and surely not enough for a batch of pickles.

Madam volunteered to mow where she could in the garden yesterday and it looks a little better. All this rain (again last night) and the weeds are going like gang busters. Mowing will at least keeps some of them from going to seed and making next year another headache.

Finally made the decision and am committed to doing everything in raised beds as soon as I can get it done. An 8x8x16 cement block is $1.25 and I figure I can make a roughly 4x10 single row bed out of 24. That'll make it 30 bucks per bed not counting any amendments I decide to add. I'll just move dirt from the shade(low) end of the garden to fill them. It's actually the best dirt since it is at the bottom and is where all the "good stuff" washes when we have the deluges. I'll start with a goal to have 24 beds done by winter so I'll have to do 4 per month starting next month. Budget constraints might slow me down but we'll see. I actually have room for about 40 beds but I'll have to sneak up on that.

Don't tell Madam this but I might actually be a little glad she hasn't let me get a dozen chickens yet. My farmer neighbor down the road had 35 chickens last week and is now down to 5 with racoons the number 1 suspect. My writer friend Renea made Billy and his little truck farm famous with her book In the Garden with Billy but fame hasn't done much for him this year. He was damaged even worse than I by the torrential rains and his little road side stand is not going to make him much this year and his fresh eggs are going to be in very short supply as well. You an me both Bro'.

Anyhow, going to enjoy the rest of my last day of rest, do a little creative cooking and maybe even take a nap with a warm beagle. See ya.

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