Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dog Days

We are in the full "dog days" of summer now. Hot and humid here in Atlanta. The garden is looking pretty sad as things have made their big run and are now just tapering off. I'm beginning to remove some of the tomatoes and peppers to make room for the fall garden. Lots of stuff started in the green house and it should be ready to go into the ground in the next few weeks. The good news is that the forecast is for some cooler temperatures starting tomorrow. I've got the late summer beans for drying in and they are coming along fast in all this heat and humidity. These are the beans for leaving on the plant and letting dry for storage and seed for next year.
I need to get out and get some work done before the heat gets unbearable but I did the big Sunday breakfast thing with biscuits, and bacon and eggs with baked beans so I'm a bit slow getting out of the blocks as you can imagine. Everyone enjoy the rest of the weekend. Here is an okra blossom for you to ponder.

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