Monday, September 08, 2014

Cheap Eats

You may have already seen this on social media or elsewhere, but it’s valuable enough to repeat it here. Leanne Brown has written a cookbook, free on the web, full of good recipes designed to:
fit the budgets of people living on SNAP, the US program that used to be called food stamps. If you’re on SNAP, you already know that the benefit formulas are complicated, but the rule of thumb is that you end up with $4 per person, per day to spend on food. This book isn’t challenging you to live on so little; it’s a resource in case that’s your reality. In May 2014, there were 46 million Americans on food stamps. Untold millions more — in particular, retirees and students — live under similar constraints.

I'm fortunate enough not to have to rely on SNAP or actually try and eat on 4$ a day but that doesn't mean I can't follow some of the recipes in this book. I like saving money and this is all good information on being a little more penurious.

Thanks to Hecate for sharing this info.


Bodhi said...

Happy Birthday my friend. Boy that happened fast!......

fallenmonk said...

Tks friend. Yep pretty fast. The big 65 so we have Medicare. You are in my thoughts daily. Best.