Thursday, September 04, 2014

Fall Cleanup Is Not Going Well

I am still trying to get the garden ready for fall. In between the rain and thunder storms I am trying to clear space for the fall planting. The peppers aren't cooperating. Today I picked all the ripe sweet peppers but there are still a lot of green peppers to go so I can't pull up the plants yet. I also went through and picked about half the green jalapenos and all the red ones. Still a lot of those left to go as well. At this rate, unless I just pull up the still producing plants, I am not going to have enough space for everything I want to plant. Anyhow, all of these peppers are going to the food bank, where they are much appreciated. And yes, I plant too many peppers.
The box on the left are Burpee's Big Guy Jalapeno which are really huge compared to the regular Early Jalapenos on the right. The other peppers in the right box are Peach Habanero and boy are they hot!

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