Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another Rainy Sunday in France

Well another rainy Sunday here in southern France though I managed a couple of hours of walkabout this morning before it got going too badly. Things in Lyon are very quiet on Sunday, virtually nothing is open, not even in the big covered mall next to the hotel.
On my search for lunch I only found Micky D's and a Subway open so I opted for the Golden Arches. Seems kind of sacreligious to eat at McDonald's in Lyon but....I couldn't find anything else. I at least tried something you won't find in the states I believe and that is a Chicken Mythic sandwich. Not too swift. Kind of a giant flat McNugget on a bun with white cheese, lettuce and what I believe might be "special sauce". The quarter pounder is called a Royal over here but the Big Mac is on the menu. The place was doing a hopping business even though every other place in the three story mall was closed. Whatever.

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