Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Early Warning

It's late for me (nearly 10pm) but I have been thinking quite a bit about the latest focus on immigration that seems to have captured the news of late. I don't have the inclination to post a long post about this, especially after a few glasses of wine, but I thought it prudent to just share a few thoughts and maybe get your antennae up.

This whole focus on immigration, despite what it appears, is about race. Granted the large illegal work force is forcing down wages especially for those that might compete for a job with them. That is an economic issue that can be addressed.

What is distressing is that the (mostly Mexican) illegal workers provide a classic excuse for the GOP to practise "elitist politics" and drive this wedge between the voting public and the other issues that are really more important right now for America.

The religofascist right is never happy if they don't have a' them' to persecute. Last election it turned out to be gays. This time it has been decided that it will be illegal immigrants (code word for Mexican). The right and especially the religious right are not comfortable unless they have someone to hold out as an example of "not them". Whether it be "traditional values", race or religion they have to have someone else to blame for all that is wrong in their lives.

Despite their protestations they are not happy people. A major need in their lives is to have someone to look down on and instead of gays the brown folks look to be the chosen for the next election cycle. It is very subtle but if they can convince their base that these "brown people" are endangering their way of life and their traditional values then they will have the issue that will "gather the faithful" into the flock and provide a voting block against the dreaded liberals.
Don't overlook the amount of effort that has been expended over the last decade in painting, at least in the eyes of this particular group, how the Democrats want gay sex and marriage, gays in schools teaching the "gay lifestyle" to students and converting them to homosexual hell. Free condoms for all, and on and on.

So this is just an alert. Keep you eye and ear out for the clues. How these brown people are making your ATM speak two languages, how you now have to choose which language with which to interact with your cable company or drug store, etc. It will be subtle but watch for the signs in print or TV and radio. Don't forget to notice how many Mexicans are working in fast food. Pretty soon you will have to speek Spanish in order to get a Big Mac and fries.

This is the only way the GOP can hope to retain control of the Congress in light of everything else that is going on. FOCUS THE RUBES on something else like immigration while never letting on that the whole cluster fuck around immigration is government caused in the first place. Please!

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