Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Back

Back from over the pond and just a little lagged today. Haven't had tome ot cruise the blogroll or even the news sites and therefore I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I can however guess that Bushco is busy trying to discredit Seymour Hersh and pretend that Iran is going to have an A-bomb in a couple of weeks while swearing that diplomacy has failed (while ignoring the fact that Bush has rejected every overture by Iran to talk).
The media is probably parroting the Whitehouse on how well things are going in Iraq while ignoring the probable 5 - 10 American deaths in the last 24 hours( be intersted to see how far off my guess is, hopefully there we none but....).
So let me finish up all my email and online banking and then I will look around and come back and comment.

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