Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sweden Stuff

Nine at night and once again the jet lag is kicking in so I won't be concious much longer. Long day at the client and I am still wondering why I am here but they are paying the travel and daily fees so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Again had dinner in the hotel tonight and had a very strange rendition of what the menu said was a club sandwhich. This one had some roasted chicken (kyckling) and underdone bacob piled on some toasted white bread with curry mayo. Very interesting interpretation. There was a little salad on the side and some "freedom fries" that were so hot when served that I couln't eat them. I probably don't want to know how they got them that hot.

You definitely have to adjust to the size of hotel rooms in Europe. I have seen closets in the U.S. that were larger than this one. Actually, the hotel room in Tokyo was bigger. I can deal with it as I am pretty used to it but at nearly $170 a night you expect a little more than a closet with a bath but that seems to be the going price here so you just deal with it.

Everybody have a great day and we will try and say hello again tomorow. I think I hear the little single bed( we call them twin beds) is calling. BTW the weather forecast that said it would be raining everyday here was completely wrong.

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