Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hidden Agenda

Dennis Hastert's loud condemnation of the FBI raid on Congressman Jefferson's office appears to be laced with a soupcon of self preservation. Seems Mr. Hastert is himself the subject of an investigation and has an interest in seeing that Congressional offices are inviolate.

First, Congress, both the Senate and the House, have proved incapable of policing themselves and it is something that is in desperate need of doing. The Constitution doesn't say that Congress is above the law and if there is probable cause that a crime has been committed then I think the FBI should go where the evidence leads them.

Secondly, Congessman Jefferson is wrong to refuse Nancy Pelosi's request that he surrender his committee position. The last thing the Democratic Party needs is a domocratic scandal taking the heat of the GOP corruption. Having the $90,000 found in the freezer effectively wipes him out and there is no upside and no possibility that he will be found innocent of wrongdoing. He should resign immediately from the committe post and Congress as well.

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