Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Looks Like Lamont

I would not be surprised if the two blogs that were major supporters of Ned Lamont were suffereing Denial of Service attacks tonight. Firedoglake and MyDD are both effectively off the air. Kos is hinting at this as well and his server farm which is massive is getting mega hits per second and someone may be trying to swamp him as well.

Regardless, it looks as if Lamont is going to take this. At last check just a few moments ago at 11pm edt with 94% of precincts reporting Lamont was leading 52 to 48%. I would be surprised if this result changed much over the balance of the precincts considering the polling.

I have CNN on in the background and Joe Lieberman has just conceded at 11pm. He is now saying that he will be running as an independent. It's all about Joe.

Congrats to Ned and all the folks that have worked so hard.

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