Sunday, August 20, 2006

Still A Disaster, Still a Liar

Despite the media's preoccupation with JonBenet the real world still exists. You don't even have to venture outside the country to see the legacy of lies and incompetence that are the hallmark of the Bush reign of terror. Despite all the bull shit promises from George Bush while standing in Jackson Square, New Orleans is still a disaster:
Nearly half of New Orleans was still under water when President Bush stood in the Crescent City's historic Jackson Square and swore he would "do what it takes" to rebuild the communities and lives that had been laid to waste two weeks before by Hurricane Katrina.

"Our goal is to get the work done quickly," the president said.

He promised to spend federal money wisely and accountably. And he vowed to address the poverty exposed by the government's inadequate Katrina response "with bold bold action."

A year after the storm, the federal government has proven slow and unreliable in keeping the president's promises.

The job of clearing debris left by the storm remains unfinished, and has been plagued by accusations of fraud and price gouging. Tens of thousands of families still live in trailers or mobile homes, with no indication of when or how they will be able to obtain permanent housing. Important decisions about rebuilding and improving flood defenses have been delayed. And little if anything has been done to ensure the welfare of the poor in a rebuilt New Orleans
This article from the AP documents the lack of progress in six areas: Emergency Assistance, Clean Up, Housing, Rebuilding, Levees, and Poverty.

As usual Bush's promises meant nothing...again. He knew he was lying while he was standing there. He knew he was never going to live up to the rhetoric. How can anyone think George Bush and his incompetent administration can keep us safe?

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