Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bridges and Other Things

Came back from dinner and turned on the TV to the disaster in Minneapolis. Know that bridge well from many trips to the area. Not a good way to end your evening commute. I am sure there will be suggestions of terrorism but I think this is just another example of our failing infrastructure. I mean you can't keep up the maintenance and inspections on all the bridges when you are spending all your money killing brown people in the name of freedom can you. Snarky and unsympathetic to the unfortunate people killed or injured in this tragedy but whether we like it or not it is the truth.

On the lighter side. Found out today the client thinks I should return next week...for what I don't know but they are paying the bills. Anyhow, trying to make a hotel reservation discovered that the Hilton downtown where I normally stay is completely booked and even overbooked. I started looking around and the same applies to every downtown hotel and many others. Turns out the Assembly of God is getting together in Indy next week and evidently there are a lot of 'em. Too bad I couldn't get a room here as I would have had the bar to myself. I did manage to get a room at the Hilton North which mean a commute and no client corporate rate so they will get to pay an extra 80 bucks a night for having me come back.

Out of here tomorrow for the weekend and some rest. Been a hard week and I really pushed thinking I was going to have to get everything done this week. I would have paced myself if I had known I had another week. Now I just have to figure out how to keep myself my busy next week or at least give the appearance of it.

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