Sunday, August 05, 2007

Indy Again

Off to Indy again today. According to the paper last night today is supposed to be a zoo at the airport. Based on airline bookings there should be about twice the number of originating passengers at Hartsfield today. Instead of the usual 25,000 or so they are expecting as many as 54,000. There are always a lot of connecting passengers that don't impact security but these are people starting out in Atlanta. That means the security lines will be a nightmare. Even though there are probably 20 lines of metal detectors it is always somewhat backed up. Ought to be a lot of fun. I do have the advantage of going through the premium travelers line which gets me to the front a bit quicker.
Anyhow, I'll check in with the tubes a little bit later in the day. Maybe I won't be so irritated with the Dems for caving in on the FISA thing by then. What a bunch of gutless wimps!

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