Monday, August 20, 2007

Instant Insanity

I am horribly busy this week along with the commute to and from the office and the all day class room ordeal I have several other things "in the fire" that I am trying to find time to take care of. Trying to catch up with all that is going on and trying to stop in and see what my blog mates are doing is basically an impossible task. If, like me, you need at least 7 or so hours of sleep a night then you have to cut something. In just the short time I have had tonight, (while the chicken roasted) I now know that police departments around the country are having a bullet shortage because of the Iraq war. Hurricane Dean is going to make serious hay in the Yucatan and no one in the main stream media is prepared to admit that Iraq is lost and has been for some time. Is it just me or is the bad news outweighing the good? I know the rule "if it bleeds it leads" but I seem to get the impression that there is just not enough good news with the necessary sex and violence to balance out the bad news that doesn't require sex, at least, to be on the front page.

I think it is obvious that the "good news" folks have a marketing problem and that nudity and gratuitous sex needs to become a focus. Girl Scouts selling cookies is OK but nude Girl Scouts selling cookies is really news.

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