Monday, August 06, 2007

Cannon Fodder

Strange days. I am in a Hilton north of Indy a bit and it is very strange. Evidently there is a big rock concert tomorrow somewhere near so the hotel is well populated with a lot of groupies and others associated with same. There are also a lot 18 year old plus or minus young men wandering around. You know, T-shirts and baggy shorts with flip flops. I asked around and discovered that most of these young men are poised to enter the military tomorrow. Evidently the recruiters have them gather here at the Hilton and put them up for night and treat them to a complimentary buffet in the restaurant before they ship them off to die for George Bush. When I had to report for my service way back in '68 we were told where to be to catch the train to boot camp and if we didn't report we were AWOL. My how times have changed.

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