Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove Away Why?

Everybody by now has learned that Karl Rove is planning to slither away from his position as Chief Destroyer of All Things Good and Moral at the end of August. What is bothering me that no one is looking beyond this fact into why, all of a sudden, Bush's right hand man is out of the way.
I personally feel that one of the multiple investigations that has his name tied into it is getting too close and the White House doesn't want him on the payroll when the shit hits the fan. My bet is either the Abramoff scam or the firing of Iglesias investigation is going to nail him. Not only do they not what Rove in the White House but I imagine him being "no longer staff" is believed to be insulation for "the decider" as well.

I have learned the hard way over the last six or so years to never ever take anything from this bunch at face value. Everything has a political motive behind it.

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