Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cold Snap

I didn't mention it in my first post but it really, really turned cold here last night. It was twenty three this morning at 7am and now at 930 it has warmed a half degree.

I don't need a thermometer to tell when it is cold as the critters in the back yard give you a clue. The squirrels use their tails as little parkas and keep them tightly curled against their backs and up over their heads. The bluebirds begin to visit the feeders when it gets into the low twenties as their normal diet of bugs and stuff is all nestled deep away from the cold. I put extra sunflower meats in the mix for them since they aren't that efficient at getting the seeds cracked like the cardinals, titmice and chickadees. Of course, the suet feeder gets a queue when it gets this cold as well. Woodpeckers of every type line up to get some fuel loaded suet...hairy, red-bellied, red-headed, and downy have all been visitors this morning. In between the woodpeckers the nuthatches, wrens and blue jays all try and get a little fat in their diets as well.

Tonight the forecast is for the upper teens which will be the lowest we have had this year and it is likely my little bed of swiss chard won't survive that cold so that might be part of dinner tonight. The broccoli and cabbage might get through it ok. Looks like another good day to stay inside in my warm sweats.

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