Friday, January 18, 2008

More Snow?

Believe it or not they are predicting more snow and winter weather for Atlanta and northern Georgia for tonight and tomorrow morning. Very odd. Don't have anywhere to go so I'm good. Got food, wine, and everything else that might be needed. Stocked up on seeds for the birds as well. Bring it on.

Update: Sat.1/19 at noon: It rained a bit overnight, then some sleet and at about 11 am it started snowing. Temperature is right at freezing and expected to continue to fall into the high teens. At the rate it is snowing their prediction for up to 3 " is looking pretty reasonable. Doesn't appear to be sticking on the roads yet...probably needs to fall another couple of degrees. Had to run out for a couple of things and the grocery store was a predictable mad house. I noticed a lot of people with a half dozen or more frozen pizzas in their baskets it must be the new snow food. I have a pizza dough resting in the fridge that might turn out to be a pizza this weekend but it might also just be breadsticks or even a calzone.

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