Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Over at DKOS today Devilstower has a post up about Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff. It is a 20 minute video that is really worth taking to the time to watch.

The first part of Annie's film is devoted to describing the problems of our current unsustainable culture of disposable goods but it's the final part that deserves special attention. Rather than stopping with the bad news, Annie shoots straight on into the good -- we can change. The most engaging part of her description of our society is that everyone can find their place in the flow, and the same dynamic means that everyone is positioned to help change how things work. Environmental issues, social justice, and economics all play into making the change toward a fair, sustainable society. There are as many ways to insert yourself into the process as there are products on the shelves of the local big box store.

Take a few minutes and go on over and watch the video. Just click the image above or go to The Story of Stuff website at

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