Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seeds of Destruction

I just came back from Birdwatcher's Supply where I buy the tons of seeds, suet, peanuts and corn for all the wild critters. Seeds have gone up 25% in the last couple of weeks since my last visit. A year ago I could buy 50# of oil sunflower for $22 and now they are $33. Ouch...I go through 50# a month in the winter. In the dead of winter I also put out sunflower meats for the bluebirds whose natural food (insects) is in short supply and those are now $11.5o for a 5# bag. I know it is a lot of money just for birds(and squirrels) but I really enjoy being able to see all the activity in the back yard. I think, however, that I am going to have to become a little more penurious with the bird snacks.

I have put a cup on the deck with a little sign asking the birds for any loose change they come across but nothing yet. I hope they don't think I am being "cheep".

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