Saturday, February 14, 2009

Done Deal

Well, the stimulus package made it through both houses of Congress. Nada Rethug votes in the House and the 3 amigos in the Senate. According to Specter, a lot of the GOP in the Senate think it is the right thing but were too chicken to vote for it.

I hope President Obama and his team have learned their lesson on how successful bipartisan outreach can be with the current Republican party. I think they have. I expect the president to continue his outreach and consultations with the opposition but now will realize that they only have his and the Democratic party's failure in focus and not the well being of the nation or its people. There is still a lot to do and I think the president will forge ahead and try to get it done, with or without the Republicans. He will give them a chance to participate in the rebuilding of America but only as far as they are willing to make a genuine and meaningful contribution.

President Obama will sign the stimulus bill on Monday and we can all start the hard road back. There is still a lot of pain for millions of us ahead but I do believe we are finally headed in the right direction. I wish the bill would have been bigger but considering the political realities we are probably lucky we got what we did.

Now we need to turn our sights on a bunch of bankers.

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