Friday, February 06, 2009

Not Looking Out for You

Greg Sargent has the latest on the "so-called" fine tuning Senators Collins(R) and Nelson(D) are doing. These are the folks that are supposed to be figuring out how to optimize the stimulus but it sure seems to me that they are just plain insane. It has been shown over and over again that items such as food stamps return a lot more stimulus for every dollar spent than tax cuts or military spending. Yet what are the cutting out? Idiots! Seems there is always a need to stimulate their buddies in the military industrial business though.

Total Reductions: $80 billion


Head Start, Education for the Disadvantaged, School improvement, Child Nutrition, Firefighters, Transportation Security Administration, Coast Guard, Prisons, COPS Hiring, Violence Against Women, NASA, NSF, Western Area Power Administration, CDC, Food Stamps



Public Transit $3.4 billion, School Construction $60 billion



Defense operations and procurement, STAG Grants, Brownfields, Additional transportation funding


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