Monday, February 02, 2009

Peanut Butter Recall Expanded Again

Jill at LaVida Locavore has the latest list of recalled products and it is absolutely huge. Too big to duplicate here for sure. Who knew that so many companies just put their own labels on some industrial cookie or cake and called it their own. Very depressing. This recall just highlights the need to limit your exposure to industrial foods. You really don't know who made them and it is obvious you can't trust them to produce a wholesome product. If you want a peanut butter cookie then bake your own...ideally from peanut butter you make yourself. Yeah, it's a little extra work but so is hanging on to the the porcelain throne for a day or so throwing up or worse spending a few nights in the hospital trying not to croak.

Remember the primary axiom...If your great grandmother wouldn't recognize it as food then it probably isn't. Your great grandma didn't buy cookies from some faceless person who knows where and you shouldn't either. Granny's grocery list probably consisted of sugar, flour, coffee, spices, baking powder, dried beans, freshly butchered meat and poultry from a local farmer and maybe eggs, milk and cheese. She got her vegetables from the garden or the root cellar and fruit from her trees or from a local farmer. The closer we can get that model the better off we will all be.

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