Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Will Recover!

Well, while I missed the first part of it, I did see a very good speech last night by President Obama. What a change from the last impostor! That was the way a President should address a nation in crisis. He was excellent, setting the the right tone and overall very impressive. How very refreshing to have a real president again.

I didn't bother to stay up and watch what was apparently a nothing speech by Governor Jindal. From what I am reading this morning it was the exact opposite of President Obama's speech. He offered nothing to counter Obama except the worn out and discredited GOP mantra of cutting taxes. It's not surprising, as they have proven repeatedly that they've got no ideas and what Bobby Jindal demonstrated last night just reinforced that to everyone. It speaks volumes if you remember that Jindal has been billed as the GOP's next great leader. If what the GOP has to offer in 2012 is Jindal and Palin then the GOP is really a has been political party.

Here is the skinnyon the speech from Sam Stein at the Huffington Post:
Instant public surveys on Barack Obama's address before Congress showed, by in large, that the public was incredibly receptive to his speech, regardless of political party. But that did not hold true for every single study. A CBS News poll of approximately 500 people saw approval of the president rise from 62 percent before the speech to 69 percent afterward. Meanwhile, a poll on CNN showed that 68 percent of respondents -- who skewed a bit Democratic -- viewed the speech positively, 24 somewhat positively, and only eight percent not positively. Eighty-two percent supported the president's economic plan as outlined in the speech, while 17 percent opposed it.

Those results were buttressed by the findings of longtime Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg. In his own dial poll, which included 50 participants of mixed gender, education and politics, Greenberg found a large swath of bipartisan support for Obama's addres. That included a 14 percent jump, from 62 to 76 percent, in the favorability rating for the president. Saying at the onset that this was an "immensely successful speech," he highlighted a few issues on which Obama won over the audience....

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