Thursday, February 05, 2009

Webbed Out

I have had enough of the web and looking at job postings today. It is rather disheartening to know that only about 2% of the jobseekers are ever successful using the web to find a new career. I guess that is why I have opted to pay for some professional help. We shall see.

So anyway, even though it is cold and very winter-like here in the northern Atlanta burbs I have gardening urges that need to be satisfied so I am down to the basement to start tomatoes and peppers. The stuff I planted a couple of weeks ago is all up and doing nicely so it is time to hatch some more. One of my goals, before the recent change in income, was to get a small greenhouse and I sure wish I had it now. I will make do with the lights and southern windows in the basement but a nice warm greenhouse would be such a pleasure on a cold winter's day.

Correction: I just planted peppers. I ran out of plant markers! The tomatoes really can wait for a couple of weeks but the peppers take a good 8 weeks before they are ready to go out. Oh, and artichokes. If you are interested the peppers planted were Quadrato Asti Gaillo(Green Bell), Chervena Chuska(Red Banana), Buran(red Bell), Early Jalapeno, Cal Wonder(Green Bell, Tepin(Bird Pepper), and Sweet Banana. The artichokes were Emerald. Never tried artichokes but Madam loves them so...

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