Saturday, February 14, 2009

Peanuts, Peanuts, Who's Got the Bad Peanuts?

It is not over! Don't relax your vigilance and take a good look at the latest products that have been recalled. It's a long and very well respected list including products from Slim-Fast, Whole Foods, and lots more.

There are still being cases of salmonella poisoning from peanut bearing products reported, so in spite of the national press, people are still eating this stuff. They either have it already in the pantry or there are stores not following the protocols. If you have anyone in your circle of friends or family that may not be up-to-date on the whole peanut debacle then give them a ring and let them know.

Even yours truly discovered that the Kashi Chewy Trail Mix bars in my cupboard are verboten and only because I couldn't find any more in the stores. Madam eats a couple of these a week. Read the ingredients on boxes if you are in doubt and if there is any question look on the manufacturer's web site or the FDA site and check it out.

On a side note: I keep thinking about Kashi's television commercials and how they go to such great lengths and exotic places for their ingredients. Who knew Blakely, Ga was so exotic?

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