Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Snowbound in Atlanta. We have just over 3 inches on the ground(and yes that means snowbound in Atlanta) and the roads are covered for now. There are no snowplows or salt trucks so we just have to wait for it to melt. More snow predicted for tomorrow afternoon but we'll see.
One of the things about a fresh snowfall is what it reveals in the morning about the goings on around your yard overnight. I went out to feed the birds(and squirrels) this morning and there were deer tracks, raccoon and possum tracks everywhere in the back yard.  The last 6 whole wheat muffins that were declared stale and dry by Madam were consumed by someone last night. You don't really realize what a hive of activity even an mostly urban back yard is in the dark of night. Granted my yard is a purposely made wildlife habitat with water, cover and food but I imagine other yards have the same kind of things go on. Of course, being a gardener also gives you a little insight into the fact that creatures are busy at night.
Madam and I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies last night( I actually crashed before the end but madam caught it all). Nice and some of the graphics displayed on the floor mixed with some of the 3d stuff was really impressive. I especially liked the bit with the whales. I was also glad to see the native peoples highlighted as well.
I should also note that NBC should apologize repeatedly for showing the graphic footage of the accident that took the life of the Georgian luge athlete. It was completely unnecessary and in terrible taste. Showing the accident on global TV made it that much more tragic. I can't imagine being the parents of the boy or even a teammate or friend and seeing his death flashed repeatedly on the TV. What were they thinking?
Minimonk called from the firehouse this morning and said the roads were pretty bad early this morning and there was plenty of evidence of idiots trying to drive. Her little Mini goes well in the snow and ice and she didn't have any trouble as long as she kept the speed down. The ice covered roads didn't stop a lot of people from whizzing past her though as if they were on dry pavement. There is one thing you don't want to do in Atlanta after a snow unless you absolutely have to and that is drive. Even though there are a lot of transplants from snowier parts down here they all seem to have forgotten everything they know about driving on snow and ice and the natives are completely clueless.
So its going to be a lazy snow day here. I'm in phase 1(feeding the starter) of a batch of sourdough bread and Madam is watching old movies (its Oscar month on TCM) and so far this morning its been "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and right now I think its "Mutiny on the Bounty" and yes she is still piled up in bed. She did get breakfast in bed from yours truly though so I guess there is no reason to get up. She'll be up soon enough and want to play Scrabble again and there is probably some Olympics in store as well.

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