Thursday, October 07, 2010

Five Guys Burgers

On my way home I stopped in at the new Five Guys. Madam had said it was pretty good so I was hungry and it was lunchtime. The fries, being made from fresh potatoes, were good but way to many in a regular order. Burger was better than average but not a great burger. Biggest downside was the plastic bun that basically turned into white goo when it got wet. Upgrade the bun and it might be worth $10.50 for a burger, fries and a soda but as it is it was a little too steep for any regular visits and I can make a better burger at home(I make the buns.) I might be persuaded to go back for fries though. I have yet to try the upscale burger place in town called "The Counter" but again reports are that it is pricey as well though they use local beef and have about a thousand things to put on a burger. Maybe for a special occasion.

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