Monday, October 04, 2010

Hard Work

Still finishing up tasks from the weekend flea market. I think the Hysterical Society must have borrowed folding tables from everyone in town but everything is returned to its owner. Overall very successful and a good chunk of change for the preservation project. Since all the stuff was donated all the sales were profit and expenses were pretty low. Portopotty rent for a weekend, hot dogs, ice, sodas etc. but not much. It's interesting to see how much money you can accumulate selling stuff for little or nothing. We did have some leftovers which went to the North Fulton Community Charities and we nearly filled their truck with various and sundry things. Thank goodness this comes only once a year as all that tent putting up and taking down, table hauling and all took its toll on the old man. I should be out in the garden weeding and cleaning up but I just don't think I can bend over for any time.

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