Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

How was everyone's Christmas? I hope Santa did well. Today is Boxing Day in the UK and pretty much all of what was the British Empire so maybe you will get a few farthings from the poor box today to help you with the Visa or AX bill that is due soon.
Back to work for me but it is a short day. 8 til noon in the garden center. Madam is throwing a little luncheon for her buddies so I will be out of the way for that today. I'll finish putting my new dual fuel smoker(propane/wood/charcoal) that Santa brought this afternoon...I was thwarted by the weather and couldn't use it for the ribs yesterday. Madam seems to think her new kiln is neat. It's a used Skutt and I got a really good deal(new they run 4K$ but I got this one for $350 from a couple that have to move out of state) and it has been barely used. It is an older model without all the fancy electronics but it will do the job.
Off to work....everyone try and recover.

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