Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Finally! Two straight days off. I worked 39 hours last week which is way more than I need or want. I've told them to cut me back to something in the 24 hour range but so far no dice. Anyhow, going to chill today and maybe bake some cinnamon bread from a new recipe posted over at Ruhlman's place. Looks like a winner and something similar to what I have done on my own which is to move some of the cinnamon out of the filling and into the actual bread. It's a guest post by Stephanie Stiavetti, who writes The Culinary Life blog. Yeah, I know it's actually not made from whole grain and it has some sugar but it does have half the sugar of most such recipes but somehow I feel the need and it is almost the holidays and I really have been pretty good...Madam has gone through two panettone since they first appeared at Trader Joe's a couple of weeks ago and I have had just one little bite.

Speaking of the season....I can't tell you how tired I am of Christmas music. I feel like I have been listening to it continuously for weeks which isn't far from the truth. It would be different if they actually played some good music but the loop that plays in the store just repeats the same crappy songs in various renditions over and over. Nothing innovative or non-elevator. What's even worse is you find yourself, in horror,  humming along with the 300th repeat of Rudolph and Frosty and we won't even get into I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas. I've offered my CD of the 3 tenors doing Christmas but....

Well, I'm off to get some raisins for my bread and while I am at it I'll stop by the Publix(they actually still have a real live butcher) and get me a small Boston butt(pork shoulder) that I can slow cook today(300F for 4-5 hours) and we'll celebrate the days off with some nice pulled pork. If you haven't noticed, more and more chain grocers are doing away with having an actual butcher and buying all the meat pre-wrapped from some big packer somewhere. If it isn't in the case and you want a special cut...sorry. I should add that Whole Foods, at least here) still has proper butchers and don't stare at you with a blank look when you ask for something non-standard. Reminds me of the time I had to shop at Wally World (I was trapped in my home town visiting Mom) and went looking for blue cheese(any blue cheese) and the cheese department manager didn't know what I was talking about. Lemme outa here!

Everybody have a great day and maybe I'll be back with something interesting.


karmanot said...

We are so lucky to have two small business local butchers . T is planning a prime rib for X-mas and saffron mussels with baguette sour dough for the Eve. I'm with madame on the panettone. Just love the stuff and fruit breads in general. During my stays in Umbria I use to try all the local variates and enjoyed them with espresso for breakfast. My favorite was the Assisi version. Stolen is also a hit. peace, Michael

fallenmonk said...

Being of good German stock Madam is with you on the stolen. She waits patiently every year for the panettone to appear and I am sure we will go through at least two more before Christmas. I'm a fruit cake lover and there are very few I don't like even the heavy Texas ones. I even like the little brick like Claxton cakes from here in Georgia.
I think prime rib is in the future for xmas here as well. I cook mine encased in rock salt and it is really nice. I usually do something Italian for xmas eve but we'll see if we have anybody but us two before I make plans.