Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lose The Pricey Coffee

So Much for Starbucks

from the Starbuck's CEO
In the spirit of the Holiday season and the Starbucks tradition of bringing people together, we have a unique opportunity to unite and take action on an incredibly important topic. As many of you know, our elected officials in Washington D.C. have been unable to come together and compromise to solve the tremendously important, time-sensitive issue to fix the national debt. You can learn more about this impending crisis at

Rather than be bystanders, we have an opportunity—and I believe a responsibility—to use our company’s scale for good by sending a respectful and optimistic message to our elected officials to come together and reach common ground on this important issue. This week through December 28, partners in our Washington D.C. area stores are writing “Come Together” on customers’ cups.

I, personally, think this is way out of line for a public company. I have a good friend who is a store manager here in the Atlanta burbs and I would be interested to hear her take on this. For some reason I have always seemed to work for right wingers and I have been very careful not to spew too much of hippie pinko stuff and even though most of my bosses knew I was a dirty hippie socialist whatever they didn't make a big deal out of it probably because I didn't make a lot of noise.

Regardless, and even though I don't visit there often I guess I won't be patronizing Starbucks anymore. I really only drink one good strong cup a day anyway and that I make myself from fresh ground free trade organic French roasted bean and it beats the hell out of anything you can get at Starbucks.Not to mention that for little more than the price of a couple of double tall latte I can buy a whole can of my beans from Trader Joe's.

Like I said in a post a while back; "Every dollar you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in." and I am making an extra effort to live by my words.

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