Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to everyone. It's raining here in Georgia with only occasional breaks of light drizzle not an ideal day for outdoor activities. I have to work from 3 til 8 so there were not any big plans for anything around here. Madam and Betty Beagle are piled up in the bed watching some old movie and I just came in from picking another load of blueberries. Way too wet to slop through the vegetable garden though I am sure there are things ready to pick. I've fallen woefully behind in pickling and now have both vege drawers in the fridge full of cukes plus several large bags filling up the bottom shelf. Once the cucumbers hit their stride and with all the rain they come fast.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday. You guys on the Left Coast drink plenty of fluids and stay in the cool places and we here on the East Coast will continue to tread water. If you guys in flyover country have sun then enjoy your tube steaks and burgers.

Oh, and I like my dogs Carolina style..mustard, onion, chili and coleslaw....steamed bun. Of course, the weenie has to be in a natural casing and grilled.

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