Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Robot Strikes

The robot struck yesterday. I had the day off yesterday and the plan was to head to the gym for my first workout since being cleared by the surgeon. That part went as planned and I was pleased to see that I haven't backslid too far. Next on the agenda was to go to the Depot and get cinder blocks and build the first of my raised beds since we haven't had rain in a few days and the garden was workable. Getting cinder block requires that I take Madam's Explorer and not my Hyundai. With my brain on auto thinking about what I had to do I grabbed Madam's keys, got the tarp for the back from the basement, headed for the garage, pushed the button to open the door, got in the Explorer and backed into the still closed door. The robot did open the garage door...just the wrong one. The robot always pushes the top button to open the Hyundai door.

After I cleaned up all the broken glass I did get to Home Depot but to buy a replacement garage door and not cinder blocks. They don't make wooden garage doors of the type I needed and since both garage doors should match I wound up with two new steel doors.

I got the old door removed as well as the tracks and began the install on the new door(s) only to discover that the left side of the garage floor is about two inches higher than the right due to a little hump. Looking at the old wooden door bottom you can see where the original installer just cut away a wedge of wood about a foot long on the bottom of the door so that the little hump at  the edge didn't stop the door from being level. A quick solution for the uneven floor but not one that I can employ on a steel door. I will spend the morning(before I have to go to work) trying to level the garage floor on the left edge with a chisel and hammer...this is not going to be a lot of fun and the right edge of the other garage opening has the same issue but not quite as large.

All this because I let the robot open the garage door for me.

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Number Six said...

That's the trouble with Robot brains -- can't handle two thoughts at once. I know -- mine once crashed a car because my robot was trying to remember the grocery list I should simply have written down.