Tuesday, July 02, 2013

First Tomato

Finally!  The first fully "on the vine" ripe tomato this morning. This is first 'proper' tomato and not a cherry or plum which started ripening last week. It's going to be a few days before any others are ready though so this one is going to be lonely.

Missed my goal of having corn by the 4th but it will start being ready in another week or so.

Peppers are finally beginning to happen as well. Picked some jalapeno's this morning but just a double handful.

Blueberries are in full force and I'm picking about 2 quarts a day. Already lots in the freezer and I'm thinking jam is near at hand. I probably have enough frozen to last until next year already.

Looks to be a wet week as it rained last night and the forecast is 80% today and tomorrow with a 100% for the 4th. I have to work both days but only afternoon half shifts until 8pm. My store is just a few hundred yards from the high school where the city puts on the concert and fireworks display and our parking lot turns into a huge tailgate party. I'll have to park strategically in order to actually get home at 8pm on the 4th.

Everyone have a safe holiday.


Jillian said...

no pix of the little red glob of goodness? ;-)
Please...send....rain....to the Left Coast.

fallenmonk said...

It really wasn't picture worthy. :-( How I wish I could share a little of this rain. 100% chance today and tomorrow with flash flood warnings to boot. Thinking of tagging all my veges with little notes saying "Enjoy" for those around town that find them floating by.