Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tomato Dreams

One of the big reasons for summer is fresh from the vine tomatoes. I've talked before about this but I wait all year for my first fresh tomato and cheddar cheese sandwich on fresh homemade bread. I have several favorite sandwiches but this has to be the tops followed closely by a BLT with fresh homegrown tomatoes on homemade bread (and yes Miracle Whip when I can find it made with sugar and not HFCS). Now that my paltry crop of tomatoes are coming in I am having a sandwich about every other day even when I don't have an excellent cheddar and have to use Kraft or some other industrial cheese. Still a damn fine sandwich. Soon the tomatoes will be gone for the year and it will be June of 2014 before I have another. Something to look forward to.

Speaking of tomatoes. Last year by this time, I had canned 30 or so quarts and this year zero. That's what 43 inches of rain will do to a tomato crop. I am getting some tomatoes but not in the quantities to enable a canning run. I do have canned tomatoes left from last year that might even hold me through till next year so I won't be in too bad of shape.


karmanot said...

This is the first year we have had such a good crop of tomatoes......our Summer seemed to began in late March so we got a month's jump on planting. ---Got a good recipe for you: a few ripe tomatoes chopped up placed in bowl, chiffonade of basil, Penzey's dried dill, a load of Tellicherry pepper, some pitted Kalamata olives, juice from one Meyer lemon, orange/fig infused balsamic with Meyer lemon infused olive oil ( Trader Joe's). I also added some butter sauteed zucchini from leftovers. It makes an incredibly fresh summer salad, but I serve it over hot Angel Hair pasta----just delicious. :-)

fallenmonk said...

Sounds good.I'll give it a spin. I have had a horrible garden this year...barely enough tomatoes to actually eat and share much less can. Got the first two raised beds done this afternoon. Next year!