Friday, July 12, 2013

This and That

Sorry to be so scarce around here but life is intruding every which way I turn.

Got a clear from the surgeon so I am back to full functionality. I have gotten so far behind in the garden I will never catch up.

Speaking of the garden we are getting some stuff...early corn, a few tomatoes and peppers and the occasional squash. Nothing to speak off really but we have managed some complete garden meals. The constant rain has done much damage and it will not be a bounty year for the gardeners in Georgia.

We now have had 41(at the airport) inches of rain so far this year but I think it is more in my area and it is supposed to rain today, tomorrow and Sunday(the left overs of Chantal).  Just for comparison Seattle has had 18.5 inches so far. We have them beat by more than twice! The current record for the period was set in 1948 and was 42 inches.

Part of my lack of blogging is work which has been scheduling me for opening at 6am on most shifts and while I really have no trouble getting up and functioning early in the morning my age seems to be sneaking up on me and I come home exhausted. I try and catch up on all the doings on the "tubes" and find myself asleep at the computer. I give up and take a nap.

I see the House has passed a Farm Bill but managed to drop food stamps out completely. I forget the number exactly but 40 million just got told by the GOP that they don't count and should just starve. Oh, and about half those are children. The GOP promise to visit the SNAP funding later is an obvious lie since they know full well that the only the counterbalance of farm supports made it politically possible. If you voted for a GOP Representative for Congress you should be ashamed and I hold you personally responsible for the suffering you have and will cause. Think about the millions of children that aren't even going to get the minimum break of good nutrition to help them survive as adults. We won't even go into what you and your insane and evil minions are doing to education, the environment and the economy.

Going to get something constructive done. Have a happy Friday.

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