Monday, February 07, 2005

Don't Get Pulled In

One comment on the Social Security thing. I can't stress how important it is for the Democrats to stand aside and let the Repubs have the field for the time being. As Darth Cheney demonstrated this weekend they are slowly losing the focus and are doing themselves harm in the process. The time to respond is when they actually produce a plan, which of course will be assailable. Stepping into the fray now with a proposal will just give the Repubs the ability to point and say that "See even the Democrats see the need for reform". Don't play into their hands.
The only response to Social Security Private accounts should be:

The Democrats had a plan 70 years ago and it is still working and will until 2042,at least. We don't need to add trillions to the debt for something that is not broken. Bush's handlers know their deficit spending and war is putting the General Fund in a position where it won't be able to meet its obligations to the Social Security Trust Fund and they are looking for a backdoor way to default on that trust.

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